Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does your league offer that other leagues don't?

A: Unlike other leagues in the city, we have a full staff at every game taking stats and DJ'ing (Yes, we blast the best music during timeouts). Also, every shirt is dry fit material and every jersey is an Adidas Climalite reversible. We are priced extremely low in the city and offer discounted prices to all returning teams and non-profit organizations.

Q: Is it 5 on 5?

A: Yes.

Q: When are the league fees due?

A: There isn't a hard due date for any of our leagues, we work on a first come first serve basis. Once your team pays in full or drops a deposit, you are guaranteed a spot in our league. If not, we cannot assure that your team a spot.

Q: How many seasons do you guys play?

A: We have 4 seasons every year: Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer.

Q: What if I've never played organized basketball before?

A: No worries! We have over 7 divisions of play, catering to players of all levels from those looking to just get a workout, to former collegiate players looking for some intense competition.

Q: Where are we playing?

A: We play at gyms in convenient locations all over Manhattan. Just email us, and we'll let you know the exact addresses of all our locations.

Q: Can I request game-time preferences for when my team plays?

A: In filling out your team's registration, there is an area where you can tell us when you'd prefer to play. We can't always guarantee that you'll always get your preference, but we'll work as best as we can to accommodate your request.

Q: I don't have enough players for a team but I do have a couple of friends who want to sign up as individuals. Can we be grouped on the same team?

A: Of course! When you and your friends sign up, just send us an email telling us who you want to play with and we'll make sure that you'll all be on the same team.

Q: How long till the stats and photos will be posted?

A: Stats will generally be posted within an hour after your game has been played. All the day's photos are generally uploaded to Facebook within a day of the game played. A selection of the best photos from each game are posted on the game page a few days later. We have action photos for EVERY game EVER played in our league.

Q: My name is spelled wrong and my stats are wrong! Who can fix this?!

A: Our bad. Please email us and tell us what's wrong and we'll fix it right up immediately.

Q: Does every team make the playoffs?

A: Yes and it's win or go home. The regular season affects your seeding, so win as many then as you can to have the highest chance of winning the Championship.

Q: What do the champions win?

A: Other than getting the ultimate respect from players, the champs will win an ABC Hoops NYC engraved trophy, custom championship t-shirts for every player, as well as an MVP prize for the best player on the team.

Q: This didn't help, I have more questions!

A: Sorry, email us at for any other questions.